Meet Elena Penkova

(DPM, Podiatrist)

Central City Podiatry Perth CBD

Dr Elena PenkovaElena Penkova attained her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from the University of Western Australia. She is interested in all aspects of podiatry, providing patient focused evidence-based foot care to all feet big and small.

Elena provides advice and care for ingrown toenails, routine skin and nail podiatry, managing biomechanics affecting the lower limb, chronic foot and leg injuries.

Elena applies a range of treatment modalities from routine foot care to dry needling, taping, orthotic and footwear therapy, foot mobilization techniques and exercise.

Dr Elena is a certified SWIFT Microwave Wart Therapy provider. She will assess your verruca lesion and will discuss with you all available treatment modalities.


“We often forget how important our feet are to our quality of life! I wish to help my patients with their foot and ankle pain, to improve their mobility and assist them in achieving their health goals.

Dr Elena Penkova | Perth CBD | (08) 9221 4998