Welcome to Central City Podiatry!

New Clients at Central City Podiatry in Perth CBD

When you’re planning to come into the clinic for the first time, we want you to know exactly what to expect; we’d like to make sure you feel confident in your choices. At Central City Podiatry, you’ll find a professional and welcoming atmosphere where we strive to provide excellent customer service!

Before Your First Visit

Thank you for booking an appointment at our Perth CBD Podiatry Clinic! You are now on your way to better health!


After your appointment has been created, either online or with our reception team, you will receive an email confirming your booking details as well as an Initial Client Form. Please make sure this is completed online prior to attending your first appointment or alternatively, arrive to the clinic at least 10 minutes early to allow this form to be completed. This information will be very valuable for your clinician.

To Prepare for Your First Visit

In preparation for your first visit, we ask that you bring in the shoes that you most frequently wear. If you’ve had a lower limb sports injury, please bring in the footwear that was related to this injury.

There is no need to pay special attention to your feet regarding cleanliness, or anxiety over lack of perfection. We’re in the profession of foot care because we love feet — and we’ll love yours!

Your Initial Visit

We allow 40 minutes for your first appointment, so that your Podiatrist has enough time to go through all of the necessary steps relevant to your care. Once you have checked in with our reception team and completed any necessary paperwork, take a seat in our waiting area. At the time of your booking, your Podiatrist will bring you to one of our consultation rooms where they’ll begin with a comprehensive assessment, which can include:


  • A consultation
  • An evaluation of your feet
  • Revision of any imaging or medical records
  • Bio-mechanical testing of the lower limbs, including extensive gait analysis


Your doctor will discuss care options with you and a plan of action to help you meet your goals. Once your first visit is finished, you will walk out with a clear understanding of the unique treatment plan and timeline that will work best for you.


Subsequent Visits

A follow-up appointment may be required with your Podiatrist to continue treatment or check on your progess. If so, they will let you know if and when they recommend you visiting again, and what type of appointment to book. Most often, a follow-up about the same concern will be a 20 minutes “Standard” appointment, but if you’re not sure what to book, give our reception team a call. When in doubt, it is always best to allow more time with your clinician.

If you have a new concern arise, it is best to book a 40 minute appointment so that your clinician has adequate time to assess this pain or injury, and work on a bespoke treatment plan for you.

Is there something we can do to help you? Get in contact with us; you’ll love our client-centred Podiatry clinic in Perth CBD.

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