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Corn And Callus Treatment

Corn And Callus Treatment PerthCorns and calluses are irritating and sometimes painful thickenings that appear in the skin in areas of excessive pressure. Hyperkeratosis is the medical term used for the thickened skin that forms corns and calluses. A foot callus is a more diffuse, flattened area of thick skin, while a corn is a thick, localised area that usually has a conical or circular shape.


Corns and calluses mainly occur on some parts of the feet. It can be painful when walking, even when they are very small. Common locations are:

  • on the sole of foot or over the metatarsal arch.
  • on the outside of the fifth toe, where it rubs against the shoe.
  • between the fourth and fifth toes. Foot corns which occur between the toes are often whitish; they are sometimes called “soft corns” (heloma molles), as compared to the more common “hard corns” (heloma durums) found in other locations.

Causes and Contributing Factors

Factors that can cause corns and calluses are bony prominences or structural deformities, such as hammertoes and bunions. More commonly they are caused through faulty foot function such as over-pronation or over-supination (flat feet or arches that are too high).

Other factors that may be responsible are: ill-fitting of socks and shoes. Activities that increase stress applied to the skin of the feet, such as sports with a lot of twisting and turning like squash or athletic events like running or jumping.


The most common symptom of a corn is a raised hard bump which appears on the skin. It is usually painful. Corns on feet are generally smaller than calluses and have a hard centre surrounded by inflamed skin. It tend to develop on tops and sides of your toes. It can even develop between your toes.

Callouses may form cracks or fissures and may vary in colour from white to grey-yellow, brown or red. They can be painless or tender to touch.


Our Podiatrists in the Perth CBD treat callus and corns with a variety of approaches, depending on their size and location. Often simple shaving of the callus or removal of the corn will give quick relief. The more important part that our Podiatrist will do is assess the reason why the corn or callus is forming and work on a strategy to prevent it recurring. Other things that our Podiatrists in Perth CBD will recommend is to:

  • Keep your feet dry and friction-free.
  • Wear properly fitted shoes and cotton socks, not wool or synthetic fibres that might irritate the skin.
  • Ask our Podiatrists about your foot function and if orthotics may assist in preventing further cases.


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