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Bunion Treatment

Do You Have Painful Bunions?

Bunion Treatment Perth CBD

Hallux Valgus is arthritis of the big toe joint and is a progressive deformity seen in many people. This issue is exacerbated by inappropriate footwear, lack of arch support and tight muscles. It sees a gradual change in the alignment of the big toe relative to the mid-foot and as such causes muscular imbalance and further deformity.

A large bump may develop on the side of your toe where the toe bone and the big toe change angle, often this can become inflamed, painful and difficult to accommodate in shoes. In severe cases, additional damage to the 2nd toe capsule may be experienced, causing the second toe to drift and overlap with the big toe. Often, this overlap can be very painful and can cause concerns of instability, particularly in the elderly population. Surgical correction is not always suitable for patients with advanced symptoms due to their age or medical history. Therefore, early assessment and intervention by podiatrists are essential.

A Common Deformity

Bunions are a very common deformity in the foot; regularly experienced by individuals with a family history and women that wear high heels. They can affect people of all ages, including children, however they are most commonly seen in the middle aged and older generations.

Causes and Contributing Factors:

  • Foot posture and biomechanics; rolling in can produce excessive loads on the 1st toe joint
  • Family history
  • Weak muscle strength or ligaments in the leg and foot hypermobility
  • Inappropriate footwear: Narrow toe area, tight or high-heeled shoes
  • Trauma to the area


  • Inflammation, pain, redness or stiffness around the big toe may be seen
  • Joint pain or muscle cramping following some activities
  • Overlapping of the second toe causing a deformity of the other digits

Bunion Treatment:

Treatment of bunion is often decided upon by the severity of pain and deformity. Manual therapies have a growing presence in complimenting bunion treatments, relieving pain and restoring some movement. Treatment modalities include:

  • Footwear with increased width and depth to provide extra support
  • Orthoses to support the joint and provide the correct foot positioning to slow down the development of the bunion.
  • Manual therapies such as dry needling of strained muscles and foot mobilisations to ease soft tissue restrictions that prevent joints to articulate well
  • Physiotherapy/exercises
  • Padding to the problem area
  •  Regular management of corns and calluses
  • Surgery of the bunion foot

What to Expect From Your Visit:

There are a variety of treatment modalities available to patients depending on what they can tolerate and the outcome they desire. During your visit, we will assess your foot biomechanics and footwear to develop a treatment plan suitable for you.

We work closely with podiatric surgeons and can also provide you with information on available procedures and address any further concerns you may have.


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