Meet Rikki Ringrose

(BHsc, Podiatrist)

Central City Podiatry Perth CBD

Rikki Ringrose - Podiatrist in Perth CBDRikki Ringrose moved over to Perth from New Zealand with his small family with over 8 years of clinical podiatry experience. He graduated in New Zealand in 2013 and has since worked within various private practice settings across both New Zealand and the UK.

Rikki’s passion within podiatry stems from facilitating achievement of his clients’ goals and assisting people to be able to get back to doing what they love. He has extensive experience with a variety of treatments, and can offer services such as foot mobilization, dry needling, verrucae needling, nail surgery, and orthotic therapy.

Through a combined approach Rikki is able to treat the root cause of lower limb pain and loves seeing his clients returning to what they love sooner rather than later.

When he’s not treating our clients, Rikki enjoys playing football, running after his two young daughters, and travelling to new places near and far. Having lived and worked in the UK, Rikki was able to visit many countries and finds the experience of travel has given a great perspective on the power of human resilience and happiness.

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