Meet Dr Chloe Wear (Podiatrist)

Hello, my name is Chloe, and I am a Senior Podiatrist here at Central City Podiatry. I graduated with honours in the UK in 2006 from the University of Huddersfield. Since then I have experienced working in both the private and public sector but chose to focus on my career in private settings here in Australia since my arrival in 2008. I have worked in Brisbane, Mount Isa, Bundaberg and Perth which has enriched my knowledge immensely.

My special interests are mainly to do with ingrown toenail treatments, foot/lower limb pain and biomechanical abnormalities. I incorporate dry needling/acupuncture, mobilisations, taping, strengthening, orthotic therapy and footwear advice to achieve the best outcomes for my clients. I enjoy the varied nature of podiatry and is as comfortable removing a corn as I am with fixing heel pain.

Working within a multidisciplinary clinic also allows enhanced treatment outcomes for my clients and I enjoy working closely with the physios, massage therapists and chiropractors on hand.

Away from Podiatry, I am a passionate soccer supporter which she often combines with her other love of travelling. When not busy fixing feet, I can can be found chasing her two young children around the house.

Central City Podiatry | Perth CBD | (08) 9221 4998